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Website Maintenance in Dundee

Website Maintenance in Dundee

 Website Maintenance in Dundee

 Website Maintenance in Dundee

Ensure your site is up to date with the latest security & plugin updates to keep everything running smoothly Website Maintenance in Dundee

Website Maintenance in Dundee


Once live, your website will most likely need some updates from time to time. These can range from front-end changes (updates to your opening times, company details & the services you offer) to back-end changes (which are a bit more vital in ensuring that your site continues to run flawlessly).


Details of the types of updates that your website may need are listed below but there’s no blanket approach plan to upsell here as not all sites need all types of maintenance. Additionally, by utilising third party tools such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, updates from those platforms can be syndicated to your site automatically if you want.


Changes can be made to your site on demand (on a cost per-basis quote) but if you feel like you want a plan, it can be arranged to be monthly or bi-monthly and they start from £10 a month.


NOTE: If you are planning on taking a monthly SEO on your site from acerockcola, then everything on this page (& a lot more) is already included in any SEO plan.



Front-End updates usually refer to informational/aesthetic changes that visitors to your site see. While some sites will need almost no attention, some sites may need monthly attention – it’s different for every website & client.


Examples of front-end updates include:


  • Price List changes
  • Seasonal Opening Hours changes
  • Changes to the services/items or menus that you offer
  • Changes to your ‘About’ or ‘Staff’ pages
  • The addition of new portfolio items or projects that you’ve completed


The main reason for front-end updates is to keep your customers & potential clients in the loop with how your business is going, back-end updates (listed below) however, are more vital to keep your site running smoothly.



Back-End updates are again, not required, but highly recommended to keep your site in optimal condition. ‘Back-End’ refers to the plugins & theme (software) running on your site, the latest security updates and ensuring that your site still ‘talks’ to the services that it should do.


Examples of back-end updates include:


  • Updating the plugins that control different features of your site and ensuring that new releases don’t cause issues on your website
  • Updating the plugins on your site to ensure that any vulnerabilities or securities issues found by the different developers of each plugin are actioned as soon as possible
  • Maintaining the security software running on your site to ensure your site has no recently-discovered exploits
  • Monthly refreshing of any API connections of external tools (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Maps) that your site uses (and adaptation of changes the APIs that affect your site’s features).
  • Upgrading WordPress itself, cleaning the MySQL database that runs the site & ensuring your site remains compatible with new versions of things such as PHP


This sounds a lot but keeping on top of simple checks like the above will keep your site in perfect condition.

Front-End, Back-End or Front-&-Back-End website maintenance plans start from just £10 per month and while not required, are highly recommended.

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Website Maintenance FAQS

Why do I need a maintenance plan?

Just like how your phone/tablet/PC/other smart devices receive security updates and system upgrades, so does your website. Be it WordPress itself, the plugins, the theme, the PHP version and so on, the back-end of your site requires attention for updates at least once a month.


Additionally, some third-party services that your site may rely on (think Instagram, Facebook, YouTube integrations & so on) change their APIs (the technology used to let those services speak to your site) quite regularly and some need to be refreshed/reauthorised every 28 days or upgraded when the API changes.


While you can in theory ignore these issues, it’s not recommended as you’ll start to notice certain features or aspects of your site start to act up. acerockcola can’t be held responsible for elements on your site that stop working that fall in the category of on-going maintenance.


A maintenance plan from £10 a month to keep on top of all upgrades is a perfect way to keep your site running perfectly.

What's the price of a maintenance plan?

It’s completely dependent on what type of monthly maintenance that you’d require.


If you’re only needing a monthly refresh of your social media’s API authentication then it can be as low as £10 a month.


If you’re looking for weekly updates, frequent changes to individual pages and you want to combine an SEO plan, then a price would be unique for your situation & something that we can discuss.