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The Value Of Good Photography



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A visual representation of your brand/company/products says more than a thousand words can. However, many websites simply use stock images to portray their brand rather than real, high-quality photographs of their own business. Why? Because they’re the easy thing to use, but people are getting wise to this and the use of them can damage the perception that customers have of your brand.

You may notice the same faces pop up in completely different situations on websites for different industries. Are you aware of András Arató? Probably not, but what if we called him Hide The Pain Harold? Even if you don’t recognise that sobriquet you’ve seen him before, right? Well, he’s also been a carpenter, doctor, baker, golf pro, Christmas jumper model, and migraine victim. While he’s one of the more famous examples, the use of stock images (especially since the COVID pandemic due to understandable restrictions) has skyrocketed to the extent that stock images are widely used as memes and certain models appear so often that they get nicknames and a cult following like Ariane – The Overexposed Stock Image Model.

The point is – people are wise to this cheap and easy approach to populate a website and potential customers can be put off your brand as there’s an implication that your company/products and quality of service may be done by cutting corners too (you know, since you’re already using cheap and easy stock photos).

On top of that, stock photography isn’t always cheap and even if you get a good subscription deal, you’re more than often locked into a 12-month contract.

The alternative? Organise an afternoon where a real photographer with an actual DSLR or mirrorless camera (not the boss’ iPhone – even the latest one) comes in and takes a wide range of photos that show off your business. Some companies (including acerockcola) also give you these high-quality photos once post-production is done and you can then use them on your own marketing materials, social media pages, public brochures, and even in advertising.

Have you noticed that the photo attached to this blog post is a stock image? It’s so generic and uninspiring. Below is a sample of the commissioned work that acerockcola has undertaken in recent years for various clients, and these images have been put on banners, in newspapers and even one on a phone case.

Professional website photo of a highland cow in Dundee Disc golf website photography in Dundee Seafood website photography in Dundee

You also view more of acerockcola’s photography or if you’re ready, you can get in touch with acerockcola today to discuss what type of photoshoot would for you, and how it would benefit your business

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