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Real SEO, Not Time Sensitive Adverts


There are thousands of companies that offer quick-fix SEO solutions. But most of these companies don’t actually do any SEO work, they just create a Google Advert, pay for it themselves, add a sizeable markup & then charge that inflated cost back to you.


That’s fine but A) Studies show that people don’t tend to click to search engine adverts & B) More than 1 in 4 people use ad-blockers so you’re paid advert will never be seen in the first place.


Really, it’s true. A study of over 1.4 billion searches showed that 94% of people will ignore search engine adverts & instead scroll down to the search results that are natural & organic.

People see through adverts & avoid them. The only SEO worth doing is proper time-consuming groundwork that will give your site the exposure that it deserves.


acerockcola does SEO right but proper SEO takes time, 3-4 months usually. Results aren’t instant but when they do start to appear they count & they’re proper organic results in search engines that people will click on. No adverts just real search results for your website.



CCS are a Dundee based cleaning company who work in multiple areas (domestic, retail & industry).


After acerockcola started performing SEO for them they now appear as the first result nationally on Google for their chosen keywords.


Watch the video attached for a 40-second walkthrough to learn more about how acerockcola helped CSS & how acerockcola can help you.


Everyone’s requirements for SEO (& what you want to achieve with it) is different for each business. Unlike web design or email accounts, the price varies greatly for each client.


Usually, this is down to a combination of the following:


  • Your current position on Google
  • How established your current website (if you have one) is
  • Your social media status
  • How saturated the market is that you want to increase your position in


Get in touch now to discuss how acerockcola can help you (with a monthly plan that suits your budget) & increase your standing on Google.


SEO plans for web design in Dundee, Scotland

Real SEO, not adverts with acerockcola

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