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Search Engine Optimisation SEO in Dundee

Search Engine Optimisation SEO in Dundee

 Search Engine Optimisation SEO in Dundee

 Search Engine Optimisation SEO in Dundee

Real SEO built from the ground up with monthly detailed reports showing your progress, not time-sensitive adverts Search Engine Optimisation SEO in Dundee

You need to get your website high in search results for people to find you. This is called SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and there are thousands of companies that offer quick-fix SEO solutions. But most of these businesses don’t actually do any SEO work, they just create a Google Advert, pay for it themselves, add a sizeable markup & then charge that inflated cost back to you.


That’s fine but A) Less than 10% of people click to adverts & B) More than 1 in 4 people use ad-blockers so your paid advert will never be seen in the first place. C) 94% of people will ignore search engine adverts & instead scroll down to the search results that are natural & organic.


People see through adverts & avoid them. The only SEO worth doing is time-consuming work from the ground up that will give your site the exposure that it deserves. acerockcola does SEO right but real SEO takes time, 4-6 months usually. Results aren’t instant but when they do start to appear they display as proper organic results in search engines that people will click on. You’ll also get detailed monthly reports highlighting your SEO success for all the search terms you want to focus on.


Everyone’s requirements for SEO (& what you want to achieve with it) is different for each business. Unlike web design or email accounts, the price varies greatly for each client.


Usually, this is down to a combination of the following: Your current position on Google, How established your current website (if you have one) is, Your social media status & How saturated the market is that you want to increase your position in


Get in touch now to discuss how acerockcola can help you (with a monthly plan that suits your budget) & increase your standing on Google.

Packages start at £499 per year or cheaper if purchased with a new website


CCS are a Dundee based cleaning company who work in multiple areas (domestic, retail & industry). After acerockcola started performing SEO for them they now appear as the first result nationally on Google for their chosen keywords. See the walkthrough below for an example of a typical SEO process.

Step 1: Analysis Of Original Website


The original CCS website had several areas where it performed poorly in regards to SEO. These include:


  • The website not being mobile-friendly
  • The UX (user experience) was poor as the menu changed on every page
  • A lot of the text was actually image blocks (which search engines can’t read)
  • The website was static, was rarely updated and had information 3 years of date on the homepage


The site didn’t rank in Google unless the company name ‘CCS’ and the locale ‘Dundee’ were used in the search queries in conjunction with the type of cleaning the user was looking for. Understandably, very little traffic to the site came through Google

Step 2: Redesign Of Website


A completely new mobile-friendly & responsive website was built from the ground up with a matching rebrand on the client’s social media accounts, Google My Business profile and on other related platforms.


Discussion with the client on their goals for the site was followed by several weeks of research regarding competitor companies and the level of saturation of the search market the client was wanting to achieve results in.


The site boasts carefully written copy, Open Graph adherence, alt tags, Gzip compression, SSL certificate, minified CSS & JavaScript, Memcached functionality and a lot more.


After the site was approved by the client it was run through Google’s Lighthouse development tool until the site achieved an SEO score in the range of 90-100.

Step 3: Results & On-Going Maintenance


After 3 months CCS now ranked in the top 10 for the client’s chosen keywords and after 6 months all of the nine keywords & phrases appeared within the top 7 positions on the first page of Google.


CCS became the first search result for the terms ‘Contract Cleaning Dundee‘, ‘Industrial Cleaning Dundee‘, ‘Office Cleaning Dundee‘ & ‘Building Cleaning Dundee‘. The site also alternates between the first and second position for the phrases ‘Office Cleaning Dundee‘ & ‘Contract Cleaning Dundee‘.


SEO work continues monthly with a monthly contract & the client is emailed a monthly report detailing the gains and losses for their chosen terms by an independent third-party tool that tracks & shows the history of the agreed search phrases.

Google search results SEO example for a company in Dundee
Search results SEO example for a company in Dundee
Bing Search engine SEO example for a company in Dundee
Google search results SEO example for a company in Dundee
Search results SEO example for a company in Dundee
Bing Search engine SEO example for a company in Dundee

An SEO Plan That Suits Your Business


The approach to SEO for every website and business is different as it’s dependent on a variety of factors, including (but not limited to) the standard of your existing website (if there is one), the level of saturation in the market that you’re trying to get results in and the Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness score that Google gives your online presence as a whole.


Due to these factors, the cost for an SEO plan varies greatly for each site/type of business. However, for absolute clarity – real & long-lasting SEO gains come from an on-going monthly process and not from a one-off quick adjustment like sellers on Fiverr imply. Monthly plans in a best-case scenario start at £149 and take up to 6 months for gains to be noticeable.

Search engine SEO example on a phone in Dundee



Just for clarification, please remember that in order for your site to have the best success for appearing in Google or Bing search results, ongoing SEO will need to be performed on your site to (first achieve) and then keep it high in search engine results. acerockcola can offer an SEO plan for your site with monthly reports on your gains & rankings or alternatively, you can use a separate SEO company or if search engine rankings aren’t important to you or if you’re reaching your customers by other means like word of mouth, Facebook or traditional advertising, then this service can be skipped. Whatever option you choose, please remember that a lack of SEO work equals a lack of search engine results. The concept of SEO to keep your site in search results is something that affects any website, regardless of who builds it. Be wary of committing to work with web design agencies who fail to mention the importance of SEO, as it’s these companies that likely stop caring about your site as soon as you pay their final design invoice.

Interested in working with acerockcola?


Like the sound of some features, but do others not really suit your business? Or, does everything look appealing? Whatever the case, acerockcola can help! Get in touch today for a quick reply!

Search Engine Optimisation FAQS

Will you do SEO on my existing site?

Unfortunately, no.


This is because for a site to perform its best and have the most success with search engine rankings then the site really needs to be known inside & out by the company providing SEO.


Reasons for this being a problem with sites not built by the SEO provider include:


  • The unfamiliarity with the way the website has been constructed
  • Limitations or settings in the theme or plugins that were used to create it
  • The page hierarchy
  • A lack of full control of the website since it wasn’t built from the ground-up with a specific SEO approach in mind.

Can I do SEO myself or have an outside do it for me?

Yes, however, the website would have to be hosted on your own hosting plan with a company like GoDaddy or LCN, or on the server of the SEO company doing the work. Once this happens, however, acerockcola won’t be able to provide backups, security or other core services and can’t be held responsible for anything that happens with the website (including its uptime) from that point onward.