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Here’s the bespoke proposal for your potential acerockcola website, any questions? Don’t hesitate to get in contact to ask!

Quick Summary (TL;DR)


  • £XXX for website all in (including all design, setup, required licenses, reasonable number of customer revisions & launch) & no VAT involved as acerockcola is a sole trader.
  • Free web hosting for the first year, daily off-site backups & a free SSL certificate the first year. (£159 in total per annum thereafter – this has a £299 value)
  • Web statistics sent on first weekday of every month
  • £69 for 1x branded email address with Google Workspace per annum.
  • Free .co.uk or .com domain for first year (if required) & renewal at standard OVH market rate when due after 12 months
  • No other costs involved

1) Overview


  • £499 One-Pager Website/£999 Small Business Website/Multi-Page Website
  • Fully responsive (mobile-friendly) website design
  • No limit on reasonable design changes while site is being developed
  • Video walkthrough of the website with customer to make sure they’re happy with (& understand) how the site works
  • Ability to update the website through blog/news posts and/or Facebook/Twitter/Instagram post syndication (if requested at the time of design)
  • Web Statistics emailed on the first weekday of each month for the lifetime of the website
  • 12 Months complimentary website hosting, SSL certificate purchase & installation & daily off-site backup

2) Timescale


Initial website to be complete & presented to the client within four weeks of deposit received. (This timescale is dependant on the client providing acerockcola with required materials, such as logos, photos & text for the website pages and the client replying timely to any questions that may be asked during the build).


Any changes requested by the client will be completed within two weeks. (This pattern will continue until the client is happy to launch the site & when no more reasonable changes are requested).

3) Core Website Elements Cost Breakdown


    • WordPress Installation & Theme License: £79 (one time cost)
    • 12 Months Web Hosting, Daily Off-site Backups & Procurement Of An UCC/SAN SSL Certificate: £0 (for the first year, £159 per year thereafter – this has a £299 value)
    • WPBakery License: £49 (one time cost)
    • SMTP Relay License: £59 (one time cost)
    • Font Awesome Pro License: £11.99 (one time cost)
    • Wordfence Subscription: £54.99 (one time cost)
    • GOTMLS Subscription: £19 (one time cost)
    • Google Maps API License: £28 (one time cost)
    • Slider Revolution License: £69 or Layer Slider License: £19 (one time cost)
    • Justified Image Grid License: £19.99 (one time cost)
    • Stellar Video Player License: £39 (one time cost)
    • Max Mega Menu License: £18 (one time cost)
    • Smush Pro License: £39 (one time cost)
    • UpdraftPlus Subscription: £29 (one time cost)

4) Additional Features Cost Breakdown


    • Monthly Website Statistics & Insights: £4.99 (per month)
    • Professional Photography: £XX (one time cost)
    • Stock Image Photography Licenses xY: £XX (one time cost)
    • Smash Balloon Custom Facebook Feed Pro License: £39 (one time cost)
    • Instashow Instagram Syndication: £39 (one time cost)
    • ANOTHER TYPE OF EXTRA: £XX (one time cost)
    • Website Maintenance & Security Plan: £XX (per month/3 months/6 months/year)
    • (Re)Creation Of (New) Company Logo: £XX (one time cost)
    • Photoshoot (including post-production): £XX (one time cost)
    • Videoshoot (including post-production): £XX (one time cost)
    • Google My Business setup: £XX (one time cost)

5) Search Engine Optimisation Cost Breakdown


    • 5 hours of documented market & competitor research (with detailed findings presented to you): £XX (one time cost)
    • Designing the website in an SEO-ready fashion (Opengraph, speed & cache optimisation, alt tags & so on): £XX (one time cost)
    • Monthly SEO & General Website Updates & Maintenance (with monthly reports & ranking statistics including a Wincher.com tracking subscription): £XX (per month with a minimum commitment of 6 months)

XXXXXXXXXXX) Labour Breakdown


    • Website Design: £XXX (one time cost)
    • Mobile-Friendly Conversion Once Site Approved: £XXX (one time cost)
    • Testing (including contact forms, Open Graph adherence & that of other live elements): £XXX (one time cost)
    • Autopilot/Targeted SEO Setup: £XXX (one time cost)
    • SSL Certificate Installation: £XXX (one time cost)
    • Website Backup Configuration & Off-Site Web Space Purchase: £XXX (one time cost)
    • Google Workspace email setup & implementation: £35 (one time cost)

Projected Total Cost: £XXXX
Discount: £XXXX


Total Cost: £XXX


Websites costing £999 & under are payable with a 50% deposit then the remaining 50% upon completion.

Websites costing over £1000 can be paid for with a 40% deposit and then three monthly payments of 20% upon completion.



The only recurring fees after the website is complete and the initial outstanding balance is paid are the following and they aren’t due until 12 months from the day your deposit is paid:


  • £159 per year for the hosting of your website, domain renewal (if your domain is with acerockcola), daily off-site backups & for the recurring purchase of a year-long SSL certificate (first due 12 months after the website launch – this has a £299 value)
  • £69 per year for 1x Google Workspace Branded Email
  • Renewal of your website domain at standard OVH market rate (as of the time of writing this invoice it’s £11.99 per year and has been the same price for the last 10 years)
  • £XX per month for monthly website statistics (first due 1 month after the website launch)
  • £XX per month for on-going website maintenance & security (first due 1 month after the website launch with a promised 6-month commitment)
  • £XX per month for on-going SEO work & monthly ranking reports (first due 1 month after the website launch with a promised 6-month commitment)


If you’re happy with the above quote please get in touch with acerockcola by replying to the email this link was in (or calling 01382 792787) & your web design contract will be sent out and once signed, then we can get started.


The above quote does not include copyrighting (creating a blurb for the ‘about us’ page & so on). If you wish for acerockcola to provide this service please get in touch now for a quote.


Additionally, if you feel that you’ll require regular website maintenance going forward (as opposed to just one-off changes a few times a year) then this is the time to get in touch to discuss it as factoring in a plan tailored to suit your site now will work out far cheaper in the long run when worked into your original quote & design approach. If you decide that you don’t require a maintenance plan then any work carried out in the future will be charged at £35 per hour strictly for labour. (Any new licenses or other third party payments for services would be charged at a separate cost).


Finally, remember that if you decide to leave acerockcola after the site is developed & live (for whatever reason), then you can do so at any time and that you alone will own all rights relating to the website & that you can take it wherever you want. If you want to move it to another web design company or even just host it yourself, then you have the absolute right to do so. Unlike other web design companies who only grant you a ‘license to use the website’ under certain conditions or those who will require payment to release the site to you, you own the site entirely, not acerockcola and you can take the completed site away from acerockcola, without any cost, at any time.


If there’s anything you’d like to talk about or query regarding the above quote, please don’t hesitate to get in contact to discuss it.



Every acerockcola site is finalised with extras that show incredible attention to detail. From adding your logo to the Favicon in your browser & submitting your sitemap to Google to making sure your site conforms to the Open Graph Protocol so that when you link your site on social media that it looks professional and representative of your brand. This level of care & attention is paid to every single website before it goes live.



Just for clarification, please remember that in order for your site to have the best success for appearing in Google or Bing search results, ongoing SEO will need to be performed on your site to (first achieve) and then keep it high in search engine results. acerockcola can offer an SEO plan for your site with monthly reports on your gains & rankings or alternatively, you can use a separate SEO company or if search engine rankings aren’t important to you or if you’re reaching your customers by other means like word of mouth, Facebook or traditional advertising, then this service can be skipped. Whatever option you choose, please remember that a lack of SEO work equals a lack of search engine results. The concept of SEO to keep your site in search results is something that affects any website, regardless of who builds it. Be wary of committing to work with web design agencies who fail to mention the importance of SEO, as it’s these companies that likely stop caring about your site as soon as you pay their final design invoice.