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Like the sound of some features, but do others not really suit your business? Or, does everything look appealing? Whatever the case, acerockcola can help! Get in touch today for a quick reply!

One-Pager Web Design FAQS

How does the website get updated?

If you just want something simple like a phone number getting changed or your opening hours updated then there’s no charge – you would just email mail@acerockcola.com with your changes and the site will be updated that day.


If your changes are something bigger, then acerockcola can make these updates on a cost-per-hour basis.

Can you also set up and/or show me how to update social media platforms like Facebook & Instagram?

Of course! acerockcola can also help style your existing social media profiles to reflect your brand & new website too.


Depending on how much work is required, this service may come at an additional cost.

I have a logo, but it's not very good quality, is that an issue?

Ideally, your logo should be a vector image. Not sure what that means? Don’t worry, acerockcola can re-create your logo in a high-quality format. You’ll also get this emailed to you to keep so you can use it in the future for other types of company branding with other companies who will also require a high-quality vector copy of your logo.