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acerockcola dundee web design logoEverything. The complete online package for your business. A website, logo design, branded email & getting your site high in Google search results. (And that’s just to start).


Not every client requires everything, but read on to see what features your online presence can benefit from. Dundee Web Design


The website, but really your website. A completely unique and custom-designed online home for your brand or business.


A website that compliments and works with your existing branding and that gives your potential customers & clients the information they’re needing fast and without any confusion.


All websites are 100% responsive (which means they work flawlessly on mobile phones & tablets) and include an SSL certificate for free (that’s the padlock in your address bar – which shows Google & other search engines that you’re a site to be trusted).


Your website needs can be discussed in person, at your premises, a local coffee shop, on the phone or in a video conference.


After getting your initial ideas for your website you’ll get to see the first draft – after that we simply go back & forward making changes until the site is the way you want it.


The first draft of most websites is completed within 10 days, however, delays in providing acerockcola with any previously discussed text/media/resources for your site may increase this timeframe.

DOMAIN   (Optional)

Need a domain? acerockcola has you covered.


How about a .co.uk. .com, a .net or something like a .scot or .cafe?


acerockcola can register your domain (at cost price) and manage it for you at no charge.


Already got a domain name? Perfect! Keep it where it is and just point it to acerockcola when your site is ready to launch. (Just ask if you need help to do this).

Website address and domains in Dundee

WEB HOSTING   (Optional)

Where your website ‘lives’ online is important.


If your site sits on a slow server, then people aren’t going to come back to your site and may not even stick around long enough to let the page load in the first place. acerockcola provide ultra-fast supercharged website hosting from SiteGround that’s powered by Google Cloud.


Your first 12 months of web hosting are free (saving £143.88) and each year thereafter it’s only £99 (which is still a saving of £44.80 and you don’t have to worry about managing it yourself).


Plus, all websites are backed up nightly, are monitored for downtime every 60 seconds and come with a Wordfence Premium license (worth $75).


You are of course, free to use your own web hosting with any other company you’d like, but great features like backups and lightning-fast loading times can’t be guaranteed outwith acerockcola‘s SiteGround solution.

SiteGround Website Hosting in Dundee

EMAIL   (Optional)



Want custom emails for your domain that look professional but can also be accessed easily on web browsers or your favourite mobile apps?


Domain giant GoDaddy report that 75% of customers can take a negative or amateur view of your business if you’re not advertising a professionally branded email address that they can contact you on.


Other benefits of branded email addresses:


  • Clear way to identify your brand to customers
  • Reduces the risk of your emails being marked as spam
  • Maintains a professional image
Professional branded email addresses in Dundee

BRANDING   (Optional)

Your branding is the first thing that a potential customer sees and can often influence a person’s opinion before they even see the quality of your work.


In a fast-moving world with more competitors than ever, a unique brand identity system is vital to people keeping your company’s name in their mind.


Your branding needs to be sharp, consistent, easily recognisable and most importantly, unique to you.


Your logo, colour scheme and even the language you use should be consistent across your entire company – from your business cards, use in advertisements and the header on your office documents to your website, social media accounts and the signatures in your emails.

Osteopathy logo web design in Dundee
Restaurant logo for web design in Dundee
Dundee City Pipe Band logo web design
GiGis Creations Cake logo in Dundee for web design


Customers visiting your website should feel that they’re on a safe & secure platform. That’s why all acerockcola websites are equipped with an SSL certificate (best represented by the padlock you see in the address bar) to show that your site is guarded with 256-bit protection.


Additionally, an SSL certificate is now more important than ever as Google has started to downrank websites without one and new visitors can be put off by insecure warnings.


To make sure your site is protected if the worse does happen, every acerockcola website is backed up once a day (& held for 30 days) so your site can be instantly restored or rolled back if needed.


Backups are held in 3 places for extra safe keeping –  Dropbox, Google Drive & SiteGround and they can also be sent to you via email if you’d like.

Website cloud backup in Dundee

SEO   (Optional)

You need to get your website high in search results for people to find you. This is called SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and there are thousands of companies that offer quick-fix SEO solutions. But most of these businesses don’t actually do any SEO work, they just create a Google Advert, pay for it themselves, add a sizeable markup & then charge that inflated cost back to you.


That’s fine but A) Less than 10% of people click to adverts & B) More than 1 in 4 people use ad-blockers so your paid advert will never be seen in the first place. C) 94% of people will ignore search engine adverts & instead scroll down to the search results that are natural & organic.


People see through adverts & avoid them. The only SEO worth doing is time-consuming work from the ground up that will give your site the exposure that it deserves. acerockcola does SEO right but real SEO takes time, 4-6 months usually. Results aren’t instant but when they do start to appear they display as proper organic results in search engines that people will click on. You’ll also get detailed monthly reports highlighting your SEO success for all the search terms you want to focus on.

UPDATES   (Optional)

Just like your phone, tablet and computer, your website requires software updates on a regular basis to keep it safe, fast and working smoothly.


Websites rely on many outside integrations – from Google’s ReCaptcha service for combatting spam to Facebook & Instagram’s API that can syndicate posts and media to your site. These tools are constantly updated by the developers and it’s vital to ensure your site is modified accordingly to keep everything working.


Updates can also take the form of security patches and improvements to fix bugs.


acerockcola can manage the health of your website for £9.99 a month – keeping your site in optimal condition for the best performance possible.

WordPress logo for web design in Dundee

COPYWRITING   (Optional)

Writing copy (this sort of stuff) for your website is never fun, but it’s unfortunately necessary.


Copy has to be well written, non-repetitive and as descriptive as possible for search engines to index your site successfully.


If you already have copy written (be it for a client brochure, internal handbook or even your current website), then acerockcola can help you tweak it to make it suitable for your website (& for it to be search engine friendly).


However, if you need copy written from scratch then acerockcola can provide this service (with unlimited revisions) for an additional cost.


Monthly website statistics, delivered to your inbox on the first weekday of every month. That simple.


Each month you’ll get a multi-page PDF breaking down how many people have visited your site, where they’re from, how long they spend on your site, what pages they visit and how they found your site.


This can be useful to see what customers are searching for to find your site, what pages/services/products are most popular and can help you decide what to focus your marketing on in the future.

Kite for Google Website Rankings in Dundee

PHOTOGRAPHY   (Optional)

People are visual – images can convey your product, idea or service to some potential customers more than words ever can.


acerockcola offer professional photography at your location(s) using DSLR cameras, edit them in post-production and then give you them for your own future use.


If you can’t use real photos (due to logistics, legal/privacy issues or other reasons) then acerockcola can provide stunning stock images for you to populate your site with instead.


Already got high-resolution photos that acerockcola can use? Perfect!

food in Dundee
seafood in Dundee
restaurant photography in Dundee
disc golf photo in Dundee
team shot in Dundee
photo of a cow in Dundee


acerockcola can syndicate content from your current social media platforms and almost every other existing online presence seamlessly into your website, thereby reducing work & any delay in updating your site with the latest content.


This can range from displaying your latest Instagram photos on your homepage to showing a live feed of your Twitter account in your footer or broadcasting live from YouTube to a dedicated page on your site.


Additionally, if you use other services like MailChimp, WhatsApp or Facebook to keep in touch with your customers – these services can be easily integrated on your site.


Furthermore, if you’ve not created a Google My Business account or Maps listing (or just want someone to manage it), acerockcola can help you out.

Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter & Google website integrations in Dundee



Every acerockcola site is finalised with extras that show incredible attention to detail. From adding your logo to the Favicon in your browser & submitting your sitemap to Google to making sure your site conforms to the Open Graph Protocol so that when you link your site on social media that it looks professional and representative of your brand. This level of care & attention is paid to every single website before it goes live.



Just for clarification, please remember that in order for your site to have the best success for appearing in Google or Bing search results, ongoing SEO will need to be performed on your site to (first achieve) and then keep it high in search engine results. acerockcola can offer an SEO plan for your site with monthly reports on your gains & rankings or alternatively, you can use a separate SEO company or if search engine rankings aren’t important to you or if you’re reaching your customers by other means like word of mouth, Facebook or traditional advertising, then this service can be skipped. Whatever option you choose, please remember that a lack of SEO work equals a lack of search engine results. The concept of SEO to keep your site in search results is something that affects any website, regardless of who builds it. Be wary of committing to work with web design agencies who fail to mention the importance of SEO, as it’s these companies that likely stop caring about your site as soon as you pay their final design invoice.

Interested in working with acerockcola?


Like the sound of some features, but do others not really suit your business? Or, does everything look appealing? Whatever the case, acerockcola can help! Get in touch today for a quick reply!

All-In-One Website Solutions FAQS

I have a rough idea of what I want my site to look like, can it be built the way I want it?



There may be some compromises needed for SEO compliance and technical limitations but if you have a design or vision for your site in mind, then your site can absolutely be built in your preferred style.

How does the website get updated?

You can update your website in several ways:


1) Your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feed can be syndicated (& styled) to match your site – new posts on those platforms can be automatically published to your website without any extra effort from you. This approach also encourages people to interact with your social media profiles providing an additional point of contact


2) A news, blog or updates page can be added to your site which you can update and publish to yourself without any web design skill. These news posts can appear as previews on your homepage in addition to them automatically being cross-posted to social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter


3) If you just want something simple like a phone number getting changed or your opening hours updated then there’s no charge – you would just email mail@acerockcola.com with your changes and the site will be updated that day.


If your changes are something bigger (or you want regular updates posted on behalf of you), then acerockcola can make these changes on either a cost-per-hour tier or on an agreed set-monthly basis plan.